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Adventure in the great outdoors

Remember those circular tents in children’s storybooks about adventurers and explorers living in the wilds? Our classic Bell Tent in khaki canvas brings those childhood tales to life for your guests – but with a little more style and comfort. And with space for proper beds, your guests are assured of a good night’s sleep after a day of adventuring of their own.

Whether your guests are a family taking the kids away for their first night under the stars, or veteran campers with years of experience, our Bell Tent is ideal. There’s enough room for six people and with a height of three metres at its centre, it’s light, airy and comfortable for everyone.

It’s flexible too; with the option of a detachable groundsheet your guests can roll up the sides to create an open-air, covered lounging space for hot summer evenings, bringing the outdoors in! If you have a permanent campsite, you can add a wooden veranda to create additional space.

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