Our Strengths


Strategy is the foundation of every business. It can be rooted in culture, channels, business or customer insights: our only requirment is that it has to be actionable. We bring together people and companies that share the same attitude and values.


We will always deliver on our promises, going the extra mile to ensure you are totally satisfied with our products and services.


The tiniest things can make the biggest difference. Whether it’s presentations, prototypes, insights, designs, we focus on the smallest detail because that’s often where the magic is...


We will delever the best solution per your requirements based on the expertise gained from over 15+ years of combined experience in the aviation industry.


Passenger Boarding Bridges

Boarding Bridges

| Passenger Boarding Bridges

We meet the standards of aviation industry set by international consultant & airport authorities, Vantage Ventures provides the best quality components and material manufactured by leading manufacturers. We offer 2 types of PBB, Steel-Wall & Glass-Wall.

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Bridge Moounted Units

Bridge Mounted Units

| SSFC + PCA + Aux Units

We strive to excel in its mission to provide sustainable solutions for aviation. Its three major objectives are fuel savings, reduction of noise & air polluting emissions & operational efficiency at Airports whilst paving the way for a greener future.

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Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support (GSE)

| Smart Ground Support Equipment

Our extensive and diverse product lines set us apart, making us your preferred GSE supplier. Combine this with our team of professionally certified engineers, revered customer service, you have the best aircraft GSE supplier in the business.

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Material Handling Equipment

Cargo Handling

| Material Handling Equipment

Our Material Handling solutions are designed to improve the performance. Be the focus on export, import or transit. We work with global OEMs & partners to provide the most modern cargo system solutions, from planning through to implementation.

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Sustainable Green Solution

EV Charging Solution

| Sustainable Green Energy

Our representation of Electric Vehicle charging station is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of plug-in Electric Vehicles — including electric cars, commercial electric vehicles, & hybrids.

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Slef Bag Drop

Self Bag Drop

| Passenger Self Service

Quick and easy-to-use Self Bag Drop Solutions, we deliver modular & customizable systems to Airlines, Airports & Ground Handlers. We continuously improve our products which provide both one-step and two-step processes.

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Our represented brands are best classified as challenger brands, with mass market appeal. We challenge the status quo by making it our mission to understand our customers preferences, wants and needs.

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